Stuart Barden in Kenya

Friday, December 1, 2017

We have had some deposits in the bank (Moisture bank)

As the graph shows, we have had some rain in late October and then a decent bit in the middle of November, these rains are know as the "Short Rains" they usually fall over the month of November.
The "Long Rains" fall from about the 20th of March to the 20th of May, not really long except by comparison to the short.
We received 49.5 mm for October which did little for our soil moisture although 155mm in November  has our soil moisture probe reading 37% or so at the moment.
Our saturated soil % is around 50%, with the "lower Readily Available Water" (LRAW or Wilting point) being an average of around 18% over all the soil depths.
In our soil type plants are able to extract down to 30% (LRAW) at 80 cm deep, whereas at 20cm the plants can use down to around 12% (LRAW).i.e deeper you go the harder it is for the plants to "pump" water up.
We are a good chance of filling up our soil moisture before March when we will plant our next crop given some more rain which can arrive anytime before then.  


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  2. In kenya do we have such devices,imagine am yet to see one