Stuart Barden in Kenya

Friday, July 14, 2017

2017 major field day

We held our major field day yesterday, we had 223 people attend.
Annie and her team did a great job of catering for morning tea and lunch.
Our guest speakers did a great job as well as "team Ausquest" well done to you all.
We also recieved a totally unsolicited donation to our trials and field day operation from a farming family in central NSW, this funded our 2017 major field day and part of our trials for 2018.
My hope is that our field days provides a small spark inside those attending that opens up oportunity for themselves as well as others.


  1. It was such a great field day. Thank you so much Mr Bardens and your team. I am still reflecting on the lessons learnt and looking through the amazing photos. CA surely is the way to go for Kenyan agriculture. This idea of 'water bank' in the soil is so refreshing and timely. Clearly, there is no reason why we should be having hunger in this country.

  2. Hi Daniel,
    Thankyou for you comment, it's people like you we run these days for.
    Kind regards

  3. It was a great day indeed. it provided a great learning experience and the best thing about it, there were no theories involved; there was a chance to see it all in the field.
    Thanks Stuart

  4. This is a tough day for all of you but really you did a tremendous job. Good Luck.
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  5. hi, when is the next field day? i would like to take part.

  6. We (Ausquest farm) run a number of smaller field days throughout the year although our major field day is held in June/July each year to coincide with the crops being mostly mature.

    1. Hi, attended last years field day and came out with some good information and shared with my friends and farmers who have taken up green gram farming and now looking for market.
      I would like to attend this year's field day. let me know the date. thank you

  7. I missed,it, hope this year i can attend