Stuart Barden in Kenya

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2017 planting in progress

We started planting a week or so ago, running 24 hours with a fairly smooth run, sort of dry planting although we recieved 10 to 14mm last week which was neither your arm or your elbow. (Not dry but not really moist enough either)
Clouds building up each day and so Friday would be a great day for the long rains of 2017 to start, I have put my order in.


  1. Last year you planted the mung beans in mid Feb? Right? Does this season look promising enough?

    Any lessons/improvements from prior season carrying forward to this season?

  2. Yes your correct Daniel, last year we planting in early Feb, we had good moisture that we planted into last year although this year (2017) the top 15/20 cm of soil is fairly dry and when it rains here sometimes we get 200 to 300mm in 30 or 40 days, then the rains are over so we are at risk if we don't get planted by the end of march so to make the most of the rains. We want as much rain "In Crop" as we can get and due to our sticky clay soils once it starts raining it is difficult to plant.

  3. I hope yesterdays rains were sufficient to see the crop grow.What are the readings as per the aqua----

  4. Only two nights with 8mm total, so not enough on our heavy soils.
    Hopefully more on its way

  5. Do spray a pre emergent herbicide, before planting

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