Stuart Barden in Kenya

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Chickpeas up and away

We finished harvesting this field of wheat one day and planted chickpeas the next (370 ha), our workshop has been a hive of activity building the above land roller to make harvesting the chickpeas a happier experience. (to be painted next week)
The Chickpeas are two varieties from Tanzania, with not much (probably under 20mm total rain) expected over July/Aug/Sept and Oct they will have to show themselves the tough plant I think they are. 


  1. Wooh, i followed the blog once you seeded the chick peas and now they are above the ground. So, is the soil moisture still enough to see the chick peas grow to maturity? At the time of seeding the moisture was more than enough i recall.

    2) What is the function of the roller? flatten the plants? will the pods not burst open? :-)

  2. The soil is wet for 1 meter in depth and so using a water use efficiency number of 8 kg per mm, we should be able to grow between 1t ha and 1.25 t ha.
    The roller is used straight after planting to make harvesting with a combine harvester easier and so we don't pick up much soil/stones at harvest.

  3. Good thing you have a very good soil moisture that last for four months without rain.. good variety of chickpeas as well, looks like a very busy day in the field all year round.. Happy for your good harvest!