Stuart Barden in Kenya

Monday, November 16, 2015

Back home in Kenya after 15 day study tour of South America

Well after spending time in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina the small group of us returned to our homes and farming businesses.
We saw lots of different approaches to cover crops, No Till and machinery that allows planting  into high residue loads.
In Brazil and Paraguay there was obvious sub surface compaction although the 1600 to 20000  mm of annual rainfall masks it to a degree.
Lots of very good farmers and consultants growing good crops of Soya Beans and Corn.
We then moved into Argentina in an area called "The Pampas" silty clay soils that surprisingly don't appear to have the same degree of sub surface compaction  as the red high % sand soils of Brazil/Paraguay.
One amazing thing was that we did not find one farm running on a CTF system. (Controlled traffic farming ).
Thanks to all the farmers/consultants/machinery manufacturers who gave us their time, it was greatly appreciated.

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