Stuart Barden in Kenya

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New Buhler Grain Cleaner

Our home built for $3500 rotary grain screen just could not get us into specification (99% above the screen,.i.e retention) so we either wasted lots of $ on freight and grading losses to send the grain 200 plus km or we bought a grain cleaner, fortunately for us one of if not the biggest companies in the world of grain cleaning, flour mill machinery plus plus (google them they do just about every food processing gear including chocolate), Buhler just happened to have one of their TAS 152A-2 cleaners in the country, sitting 50km away in Nairobi, it is made in Germany and the quality is beautiful.
We have set it up temporally for now but when we finish building our grain store/shed we will move it to be able to clean direct from the 25t delivery pit and into the store/shed, it will clean wheat at 50 to 60t per hour so it will allow us to clean all our grain straight of the harvester.
As we deliver direct to end users we need to provide a clean product ready to mill or malt.


  1. hie...i have wheat...can i bring it for cleaning or do u buy wheat too

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