Stuart Barden in Kenya

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Planting Mung Beans

We are just planting our latest 160 ha of Mung Beans (Green Grams), we have another 160 ha we planted dry about 50 days ago, they are up and look OK, we split the planting so we could spread out harvest as well as a bit of risk management, the earlier planted should do better (maybe) although the latest Mungs are being planted into a meter of moisture, (about 180mm of plant available water at my estimate)
Wait and see, we have put 10kg ha of potassium sulphate on as a foliar spray twice to try and get the flowering and pod set more even, the varieties we have tend to flower over a longer period than I would like, this obviously results in some pods being fully ripe/dry with others still very green, this is from my limited knowledge on Mung beans a bit of their nature although we are doing what we can to tighten this period up. 

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