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Monday, June 23, 2014

The last two weeks

The above photo is of a friend who helped build our new low cost chemical vat, it will be used for loading the sprayer and mounted on a 16,000 lt tanker trailer.
If you click on this photo there are at my count 12 raptors waiting for a meal of Quail as the fly in front of the harvester


Last Wednesday the 18th we ran another field day, probably the best so far, Tim who looks after the trials now and extension into the smallholders has done a great job with the trial site and the 100 things that make up a field day. The Picture above is of us uncovering two lambs that had been in an underground oven Kiwi style,it all went well thankfully. 

The above fellow is Gideon, he came to us as a excavator driver but he has many more abilities than that, this picture is him in one of the sunflower varieties in the trials.He is one of our rising star's.

I had to chase 5 Eland from the Barley on Sat 21st June, I took this photo whilst doing so.

My darling baby girl, I showed Gracie the Trials on the weekend.

Tim who is in charge of Trials and extension speaking to a smallholder field day held on Sat the 14th of June at our trial site.

This .6 ha of field peas are podding and looking good, they were planted at about 50% of the rate they should have been as we only had a small amount of seed.The variety is "Thomas Blues"

Looking along one side of the trials

John Boy, or Little boss as he prefers, sitting in front of a trial of Green Grams, that's Mung beans to an Aussie. They are very impressive, virtually no soil cracking under this crop, so there is plenty of subsoil moisture to bring it home. (I hope)

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