Stuart Barden in Kenya

Sunday, October 7, 2012

800,000 Flying Rats

We have had some serious bird numbers on the sorghum over the past two weeks, on Friday I had the Government bird man come and visit our farm to access them.
He made an estimate of 800,000 which believe it or not is not as many as there could be.
We tracked the birds (red billed Qualia) to their roost about 10km from the crop and are "Exploring" our options.
We have added some more bird scarers, we have 41 people now who start at daylight work until about 10/11am when the birds stop feeding and then start again mid afternoon.
The birds can eat 10 grams per bird so they could be eating 8t per day, I don't think they would be because of the bird scarers, as they don't get much undisturbed eating time.Still they could be getting 4t which is still bad.
One good thing is that they only will eat the sorghum while the grain is at the milky dough stage, this reduces the risk time which is good.

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