Stuart Barden in Kenya

Monday, September 17, 2012

Leveling New Land

We have had the tractor working for around 40 days preparing the second area of about 1500 acres (600hecatres)
We are on the last week I think, it will be as flat as a tack (That means level, smooth)
Although I am a no tiller (i.e not into cultivation) with new land it is unavoidable.
The moisture profile in this 600ha is absolutely full and we are waiting on either some rain or the end of October to plant this area to Sorghum.We will plant it dry starting in the twenties of Oct if we have had no rain up until then, the reason is that November is just about a sure thing and as we have a full profile of moisture it would become to wet very quickly. We will also have more commercial scale trials, not sure what, I am still thinking on this. 

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